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3 Steps to Take to Avoid Over Scheduling

If you’re ready to avoid over scheduling

and for some personal insight into the day in the life of the successfully self employed then keep reading.

Please watch our featured video to find out what starting your own

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small business can do for you if you’re not careful.

Yesterday and A Day in the Life, are both titles to Beatles tracks, and today’s post blog will follow a similar approach. What was yesterday like for me and how can reading about it help you? It’s all about over scheduling and how to avoid over scheduling.

The boring parts, not related to self improving, are always left out but feel free to ask questions if you want to know more details. I’m not shy but much of what I write about tends to be abstract in nature, so discussing what brand of cereal I purchase is often not pertinent.

Working causes over scheduling,

especially for Examiner.combut it keeps me on high alert. I maintain several journalism columns for the company but often find other contracts that push’s priority to the end of the list. Like with many clients in the writing industry, there really is no end of the list, because of rushed deadlines. After landing a few clients to suffice my workload this week, I instinctively pushed back my projects for

None of these projects for had deadlines, but of course as soon as I decide to rearrange my workload, what happens? The worst thing possible, thanks Murphy. I get a rushed project from the elite ACE Contributor Editor, stating they need me to complete a project for the CBS Detroit website immediately. Mind you, this was after nearly 2 months of absolute silence!

Of course rushed orders earn higher wages, but in the freelancing world it is equivalent to forced overtime. So, I would like to make a suggestion to help prevent this from happening too often. Never completely fill your schedule. The best way I’ve found to do this, is to keep a weekly scheduler. They work so well for students and are a great tool for independent writers and consultants too.

3 Steps to Take to Avoid Over Scheduling

  1. Always plan a lunch, a workout session, and an hour to do whatever you want (except work!). Then, when rush orders come in you have 3 extra hours to help.
  2. Treat weekends as clean up time, plan out sessions just to organize and schedule the next week.
  3. Keep a large monthly calendar hanging next to your work station and fill in all appointments and deadlines as you receive them.

So, expect daily updates and great articles every week. If there are booklets, portfolios, reviews, or other material you’d like access to please let me know and I’ll set up some free gifts for anyone who asks.

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