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Fluorescence & Immunofluorescence

Perhaps the most beautiful pictures in the world are those created using immunofluorescence. Fluorescence is a mechanism of luminescence, wherein energy released by a molecule is perceived in the form of light. The mechanism of fluorescence is very useful in the field of biology because it is used in immunofluorescence. All immunofluorescence does is attach … Continue reading

E-Books E-Courses and E-Zines Oh My

That’s right, another weekend upgrade. The site might look the same but in many ways we have altered the interior. That’s why I am blogging about e-books, e-courses and e-zines. Those are our new features and can be found on our products page.  There is always more to come with freelance science writing. There are … Continue reading

Mechanisms of Virus Entry Into Target Cells

Viruses are everywhere, and so tiny that a million could fit on the tip of a pin. Little can be done to protect us against viruses and modern medicine has only begun to explore the ways viruses works, or their mechanisms. It has been discovered that certain mechanisms are used to infect, or gain entry … Continue reading

3 Steps for Picking a Science Topic

It is hard to pick a science topic, with so much going on in the world right now.  That is why I would like to pick the topic of picking a science topic, itself. It seems like it could have the biggest impact, if done properly. Lately, there has been no lack in the amount … Continue reading

Science and Site Updates

Well, if you thought a lot had changed around here, then SURPRISE, even more has changed over the weekend. We are getting some great submissions from future contributors, our Services and Products pages are up and running, and we are growing a steady audience from sites like StumbleUpon and ChimeIn. But that’s not all, folks, … Continue reading

Using Science in Hunger Games

Writing a weekend blog should be fun, so I hope this topic will grab your attention like it did mine. Last night, my wife and I went to see Hunger Games for the second time.  I just can not get enough of the how the author and director are using science in Hunger Games. Science plays … Continue reading

Weather as Fake as Salesmen

This year the winter weather has been very warm. In March 2012 we felt the biggest difference. It almost felt like an early spring, but it was missing something. It felt fake. So, if you thought that only humans had the ability to display false intensions read on. To reassure this fake weather, spring has … Continue reading

Independent Science Writer on Social Media Widgets

Step 1– Place Chime.In widget onto a blog. I may be the first independent science writer in history to have this problem. This was a tough assignment and too tough to attempt, I might add. There is not a widget underneath the FB widget because of a tag called the iframe. Hours, and … Continue reading

Self Employment in the Animal Kingdom

Humans have the tendency to think that they are something special. Many even claim that they are not a part of the animal kingdom. Many struggle with elite “human” tasks that other animals could not have the slightest possible understanding or appreciation for. In the case of the arctic monkey and self-employment this is not … Continue reading

Playgrounds and Writing a Weekend Blog

This is the first weekend blog of many to come, and I would like to ask if you know the difference between centripetal force and centrifugal force? If not then you’ll love this post, if so, then you probably like the connection I make to writing as a professional. Yesterday was “Fun Friday”. So, my … Continue reading

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