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Oxytocin – The Cuddle Hormone

Research in neuroscience points to the fact that the neuropeptide called oxytocin is one of the most important chemicals when it comes to inducing the feeling of love in human beings. Other research also suggests that it is the very same hormone that is at work in maternal love, and even in eating disorders. As of … Continue reading

The Evolutionary Need for Love

If you think that love is a feeling that is unique to human beings alone, get ready for a huge rethink. Human neurochemistry, especially those involving chemicals that cause feelings of love, bonding and attachment, are remarkably similar to that of other mammals. Love is part of the brain’s preparation for us to create and … Continue reading

Meta Love

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” ( Elizabeth Barrett Browning) Well, if you were to count the stages of falling in love, the answer is 3. Evolutionary anthropologist and love researcher, Helen Fisher of Rutgers University, has suggested 3 stages of falling in love. Stage 1: Lust Stage 2: Attraction Stage 3: … Continue reading

February Fun with Killer Chemistry

The end of January brought the end of our first physics month. If you loved it, let us know and we can bring some more physics articles. This month’s theme is Chemistry Have some February fun with killer chemistry articles. All month we are going to provide the latest chemistry, this especially pertains to the chemistry of love. … Continue reading

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