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Real Meaning of the Mayan Prediction

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Humans are on the verge of an apocalypse. Yes, but not the kind the doomsday advocates want. Apocalypse is translated to the unveiling of that which was unknown. Did you know that the universe is not the only one?

Truth is, no one really know this, yet. But the bizarre coincidence is that the data being use is from the Planck telescope and will not be publicly available until January 2013.

If this is confirmed it will lend the first credible evidence for the ever popular M-Theory, expand our world from a universe to a multi-verse, and create another paradigm shift in human thinking, or an apocalypse.

All of this on the “anniversary” of the eclipse of the galactic center lends the Mayan prediction quite a bit of credibility. Plus, the last cycle of the Mayan Calendar would be quite an accurate way to spell out this type of apocalypse. Their calendar was constructed around the great cycles in the sky. Well to say, ”hey your world is about to get a WHOLE LOT bigger, you’re gonna need a new clock,” they broke theirs, precisely on the date that this shift would happen.

Coincidence or not, the world will have to adjust to this shift if the proof is revealed. It could take years for even the scientific community to accept proof of M-Theory. Our future is full of mystery, and one thing that Franklin forgot to guarantee was change.

Unless you consider change the death of old ideas from an apocalypse. Either way, apocalypses are occurring everyday here in the 21st century, so there is little time to try to predict the future. Since, this Mayan prediction has become popular, I thought I would give a shot at explaining it.

What are your thoughts?

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