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Using Physics to Land Writing Clients


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Let’s face it; physics is the foundations of everything. Stephen Hawkins even said he studied physics because, “…it was the most fundamental.” (Discovery Channel Special)

But why is it? And how is physics used by science writers to land writing clients?

In science, explaining nature is everything. The more abstract science becomes the more equations are used to describe nature.  It is not math, however, that causes this pattern it’s physics. This pattern will inevitably run its course and eventually all of nature will be described using only the fundamental forces and laws of the universe.

A writer with an interest in physics can become part of any science team. From biology to information science, physics plays an important role in our understandings. Learning to use physics to help develop comprehension can be difficult and bizarre at times but it can be accomplished with a little patience and creativity.

It Takes a Little Patience

Most of the concepts of physics can be understood without the laborious and complex math that goes into making prediction with physics.  A famous quote from Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,” really speaks to heart of physics lovers.

The patience to learn how to translate the complex behavior of nature into a simple explanation comes with practice. A great example can be found in training for the highway patrol and other law enforcement agency. In collisions, it is possible to convey a lot of information, including information being withheld, such as the speed of the vehicles and the direction they were traveling right before an accident occurs.

This part of the training was written by a person with a sound understanding of classical mechanics. They also needed to explain the process of finding unknown variables, as well as the equations and the principles of acceleration, velocity, momentum and inertia. They did not have an audience of physics lovers but rather a much more general audience.

It Takes Creativity

Most law enforcement is required to learn the basics of physics. The problem is that physics needs to be creatively incorporated into law enforcement training. Try to teach this audience using the concepts of particles and interest is lost quite quickly. Therefore, the information will not be understood at an adequate level.

Velocity in a gas of rubidium as it is cooled:...

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Replace the particles with football players and comprehension rate will begin to increase and the odds of landing the science writing position in the law enforcement training program will too.

Please tell us your favorite physics explanations  or ask for something to be explained in the comments below.

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