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Effects Of Solar Flares On Earth

Just a few days ago, our planet was hit by the most powerful geomagnetic storms in the last seven years. As the scientists of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center had predicted, a solar flare occurred on January 23, 2012; it sent out a cloud of charged particles from the sun’s … Continue reading

Real Meaning of the Mayan Prediction

Humans are on the verge of an apocalypse. Yes, but not the kind the doomsday advocates want. Apocalypse is translated to the unveiling of that which was unknown. Did you know that the universe is not the only one? Truth is, no one really know this, yet. But the bizarre coincidence is that the data being … Continue reading

Using Physics to Land Writing Clients

Let’s face it; physics is the foundations of everything. Stephen Hawkins even said he studied physics because, “…it was the most fundamental.” (Discovery Channel Special) But why is it? And how is physics used by science writers to land writing clients? In science, explaining nature is everything. The more abstract science becomes the more equations … Continue reading

The Science of Origami: Real World Applications of Paper Folding

What if you were stranded on an island with just sheets of paper to keep you occupied? If you’re an origami expert, you could build a ship and sail away. No, not just a paper boat, but a full-fledged ship! Origami – the Japanese art of folding paper squares into works of art – is … Continue reading

Einstein’s Biggest Mistake

Some family history goes into this one as my mother loves Einstein. She said, “Don’t be dogging my man, and please don’t tell me it was his hair… I love that hair…” Well, not to worry mom and other fans, I love his hair too, but most modern physicists agree on this one. Einstein’s biggest … Continue reading

Part 2: The Art of Writing Science Articles Using Long Tail Keywords

Now that we have established the usefulness of long tail keywords, let’s look at how to identify some keywords to use in your science article. For science articles to be indexed well by search engines and ranked high on SERPs, you must optimize for science terms by choosing the long tail keywords related to your … Continue reading

Part 1: The Art of Writing Science Articles Using Long Tail Keywords

Written by Nisha Salim Please welcome our latest guest blogger and soon to be a contributor/co-author here on Freelance Science Writing. Chris Anderson, the editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine, was the one who first popularized the term “long tail” which now easily rolls off the tongue of any internet marketers worth their salt. Businesses have traditionally … Continue reading

How Theoretical Physics Has Changed Our Lives

It is hard to imagine anything that is not rationalized in our everyday experience. Science has emerged as our indicator of what makes up reality and what is fantasy. Or has it? Most science is checked in triplicate to ensure the results are accurate and meaningful. But much was what goes on in science involves … Continue reading

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