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Useful, Fun and Free Content

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Image via Wikipedia of how information for the last month was shared.

Imagine a world where all things were free, it’s easy if you have landed on one of the many great free content websites.

Like this site about freelance science writing, only free content that’s fun and informative, there are new sources to get your questions answered free without the “telephone” effect.

Telephone” is game to show how inaccurate information becomes when it passes on from person to person.  A short story is passed from the original source and the last person at the end of the line becomes the receiver. This game is hilarious and informative because it displays the fundamental of information science is integrity. Plus, it


Image via Wikipedia

shows that using the mind cannot be considered a responsible use of integrity but that has been the editor’s way since the dawn of the printing press.

The importance of free content cannot be explained simply. Since the dawn of the media age, information has been under the control of just a few individuals that have controlled information reaching the average American. This has caused a paradigm shift through the current medium of the Internet.

No longer does an educated mind need to pay for filtered information because the Internet allows it to be posted for free. The beauty truly comes from networking. It is now possible to ask the most adequate vessel of knowledge and get the best, up-to-date answers unfiltered. Joining group and forums allows an incredible insight into the world of direct resourcing.

From the horses moth has never sounded so good:

  • No editors and publishers to filter the news for whatever reasons (Occupy WallStreet)
  • No political agenda to hide the facts (Texas History)
  • No disinformation provided to “protect” the citizen (Black Ops, LSD water treatment, etc.)
  • No hidden barriers from lack of integrity and ethics (Remember the Internet is an infant still!)

Freelance science writing needs regulations and many other forms of informative communications need to be kept to the same integrity standards all useful information maintains. Simply, put hold people accountable for what they put up on the web. If it is stated as facts let it be known if a different version of the facts exists on another forum or site. This is important to keep the surfer satisfied and full of the best knowledge available. As the print companies fall so does the on-campus university.

Soon all education will be done through the computer and short grouping with the experts on Skype and other VoIP’s. Free content will not only be the future but will lead to more things free. From there, us sci-fi fans can see Roddenberry’s future of one world that shares everything.

Perhaps I’ve gone too far? Let me know.

By: Richard A. Nelson

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