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Marketing Fashion Design Using Freelance Science Writing Skills

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Fashion needs freelance science writing in several ways.

For product development many complex systems need be broken down and explained to investor to get the greatest profit from manufacturing stages.

The benefits of the new fashion processes, systems and features also need to be explained to customers and the general public.

Freelance science writing that can reach the uneducated, is best practice here. Also, when marketing a product, knowing exactly how it shimmers and even how it smells, and why, are all important aspects a real freelance science writer will consider.

Add all of that to inbound marketing and now you’re talking big leads…conversion rates… and everything else that makes popular fashion.

It’s popular because great minds thought of great ways to market it to a target audience.

Can you use ONE WORD to describe the challenges facing Freelance Science Writing?

Give me a hint. Please. Oops! That 6 words but a perfect answer…hints

Many people need the hints. For instance a chemical or industrial engineer works so much like my mom did in the kitchen. How do you get the last drop and keep everything organized while not putting too much antifreeze in Dad’s food to show up in the autopsy.

So, next time you’re trying on something, keep in mind profit margin, conservation and unique ingredients that go into every fashion design product out there…

And also think of mom in the kitchen. For scientists and engineers, the technology and tools are not a butter knife or a frying pan, but are quite similar. These little hints and correlations help explain every tiny detail, in the fashion design process.

Sita Murt, fashion designer from Igualada, at ...

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So study up on your engineering processes and freshen up your freelance science writing skills. Find your nearest fashion designer outlet and become a market leader for the technology that they all need by explaining it to the target audience they all crave.

By Richard Nelson

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