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Freelance science writing example: Signs of living organisms

A collage of organisms.

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Scientists and here on freelance science writing, we also make a distinction between living organisms and inanimate objects, or non-living things.

This is accomplished by setting all objects up against a set of seven rules that all living organisms must follow. If the object fails even one rule, it fails to be a living organism and is considered non-living. This lesson was presented by the best biology teacher in Michigan.

Although retired, Mrs. White from Perry, Michigan was always there for the children, she would state the obvious, and always made the class focus.

Complex and Organized

How can something be complex and organized at the same time?

Think of a filing cabinet; without it the papers go everywhere. While each piece is complex in itself, this complexity needs to be organized in order to be useful. Every cell uses the nucleus to maintain organization where genes are the paper and the membrane is the filing cabinet. When information is needed that cell opens the filing cabinet, or accesses DNA in the nucleous, the gene is read and then put back where it belongs.
Different from Surroundings
This rule implies the knowledge of chemistry, and simply stated means that a living organism has to be quite different chemically from the environment that it lives in. Membranes are used in organisms to perform this function cell only allow certain chemicals to enter. Think of that filing cabinet, it is quite different than the air in the room but the inside is still filled with air and therefore the filing cabinet is not a living organism.

A fragment of DNA, the chemical sequence that ...

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Passing Gas

Passing gas, or taking in, transforming, and using energy from the surroundings is a very natural instinct because all living organisms must do it.

This is basically eating and digesting in simple terms. These actions can be grouped as breaking down the molecules. When something is digested it is broken into parts that are later used as build blocks in development and energy production. The fact that viruses cannot perform this step means that they are not living organisms.
Response, Reproduce, Grow and Adapt

Rules 4,5,6 and 7 of living organisms are best remembered together. Living organism must respond to the environment, reproduce, grow and adapt. Responses are simple and many organism respond to light. Reproducing is done in many ways but cell division is the simplest. Growing is using those building blocks to produce useful proteins needed to survive, like growing strong bones. Adapting means to be well-suite to the environment.

By Richard Nelson

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