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Freelance Science Writing to Save the World

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As promised we will reveal all.

Thanks for keeping up and if you haven’t been, the other parts are close by. If your navigational journey becomes disbarred or mundane let us know, as we treat all readers as clients. Just some simple friendly advice for fellow freelance science writing advocates, which completely contradicts the money-making order of things it would appear.

According for Altanta Journal Constitution your career earning can be calculated by how little you help others. The findings are based on new techniques that used the US census to show that if you have more sociability you earn less. Well not anymore, after this series get ready to see a new world.

This “fact” shows how stats can be used to make anything seem true. But I quote Lenord Susskind Ph.D in Physics at Standford University when I state, “The truth is like pornography, you know it when you see it.”

I see a problem with this truth being displayed by AJC. The people who do make money today are greedy, selfish, individualistic and plainly poor at collaboration. But they also represent a mere 1% of any given career field in existence. All those “idiots” out there helping others, showing compassion, giving to others and providing free services represent the 99% that make little or no money in their chosen career.

If you can’t see the problem yet, I’ll give you a hint in the form of my favorite equation but you must promise that you understand that invitational marketing represents the 99% and interrupter marketing is the choice of a 1% money hunger beast. As Carl Sagan puts it in the last episode of Cosmos.

“We are giving a choice between life and death, choose life…”

My Favorite Equation:

Science rules

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Let T=time, M=money, and E=evil

It is common to refer to money as the root of all evil so we represent this with an equation using the assumption the it is the square root.

  1. M=(E)^1/2

It is also common to refer to time as money.

  1. T=M

Now prepare to be shock, although is if read it all you know the future is moving away from this and the “truth”, interpreted by AJC will not be for long. Peer-to-Peer forms of production will soon out do anything money can because of the simple truth that, “It is better to love and lost than to never have loved at all.”

The communication revolution in one equation. Just substitute money for time in (1) and solve for E

Skype Technologies S.A. logo

Skype's Name Comes From Sky Peer-to-Peer Process Image via Wikipedia

  1. T=(E)^1/2
  2. E=T^2

Which reads as Evil is equal to Time Squared. And interpreted as Times Square is completely wrong, evil, bad in every sense of those words. Now there is a way for the 99% to live without the constraints of money through global communication and being friendly.

NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal

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The paradigm has shifted which can be seen with Skype, Wikipedia, and current Internet Marketing strategies. The world view tomorrow is not the same as today. If you have knowledge to share, consider what global communication can do for you. You could own the next Skype or could take any passion for any subject and help out others stuck in intercommunication mode (Marketing Science Products).

We urge all to subscribe now because we will be releasing every project in beta form for subscribers and members only.

Everything we do is related to science, our first project release is related to heart disease… and soon to come are science related internet marketing products and so much more. Follow me on twitter and on our Facebook Fan Page. We are on many social media sites and produce products for nearly anything. Like our recent heart disease site, made from top to bottom by us.

Our next series will cover details into product and project ideas we love here… it is unbelievable the amount of stuff you can do as a professional freelance science writer. The [Skype] the limit until next time.

To become a preferred client go to our tips pages and select a tip to let us prove our worth as both a client and a friend. Suggest a new tip if you don’t like our selections and we will add it in for our future readers.

Richard Nelson

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