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Freelance Science Writing and Marketing Science Products Part 3

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Breaking Mirrors and Blowing Smoke 

There are three common phrases that must be cut from every day use.

  1. There are no jobs for science writers.
  2. There are low earnings as a science professional.
  3. This is an illusion!

Smokes and Mirrors- Disillusion of Institutionalization

To better help the flow of this learning process, it’s best to start at the end.

Breaking an illusion is much like breaking a mirror or blowing away the smoke. Most freelance science writing involves both so it may come as no surprise. Marketing science products comes with the huge advantage of this grassroots communication revolution. Many involved in marketing science products understand the disillusion of institutionalization.

For those not yet involved, it’s best to think of that miracle product that was probably once on an infomercial, twice in the stores and today non-existence. Now compare that to the strategies of institutionalization in the past.

A well known case is the history of the Christmas celebration.

Basically an institution declared control over the celebration because the original creators did not conform to the institution’s procedures, processes and profitability. For more on this historic use of smokes and mirrors go look it up!

Or comment and let’s look it up together and learn what research can do.

For how it relates to global communication stay here…

This is an illusion, the world that lacks opportunity for freelance science writing. With the world scurrying to find a new fuel source to replace fossil fuels it has sparked a communications revolution. The illusionary tactics are still the same but the entity has changed.

Illusion - dynamics of static image

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Today, it’s academia and popular media that’s creating the smokes and mirrors.

If interests run with scientific intercommunication, there are plenty of document sources and publication sources.

If your goal it to communicate a science related idea or concept to a laymen, ten years ago it was nearly impossible because the mirrors were all people saw. All revolutions need grassroots, and know that this communication revolution, has found the ultimate source.

They are freelance writers working for new product developers!

And the tools for them to break mirrors and blow away the smoke are global communication, inbound marketing and freelance content producing.

Ten years ago this was not the case, simply because technology for global communication was minimal at best. Without the fuel of inbound marketing and internet marketing, global communication has three concerns no job for science writers, no pay for science professional and a life spent surrounded by the smoke and mirrors already in place, provided bank several institutions.

WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 08:  U.S. President Bara...

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3 phrases revisited:

Not enough jobs for science writers? Now we can make our own!

Not enough pay for science professionals? Now academia and popular media has lost its control!

All an illusion? You decide! And comment.

More on the fuel, the fire and the future of this communications revolution. What’s your role? And yes we all have a part to play.

By Richard Nelson

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4 thoughts on “Freelance Science Writing and Marketing Science Products Part 3

  1. Part 4 wraps everything in a nice package and spills the beans.

    Posted by Richard Nelson | June 10, 2011, 1:16 pm
  2. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

    Posted by failed fat lady | June 19, 2011, 9:38 am


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