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Marketing Science Products with Freelance Science Writing: Global Communication

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

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Freelance science writing comes in two major forms as discussed last time. Intercommunication and global communication, both are useful, but one is more important.

Can you guess which one? Which one leads to marketing science products?


Foundations for further development of the current natural science and engineering writing model. Sounds really important, but only to the very small percentage of people who can grasp the difficult concepts at the cutting edge of any giving subject.

Global Communication

Foundations for holistic economic model by compelling grassroots, commoners, and general providers for any giving subject. In other words, there is no money for science and engineering without global communication.

Now what do you think and please leave a comment…

As mentioned more on the communication revolution

If you kept in mind the hierarchy of economic and development segregation previously mention you’ll know where the foundations for this prediction become solidified.

By shifting this hierarchy we offer a new term for those already at the top. Global societies are what China, America and several other 1st world countries transform to. Others like Mexico will shift toward highly industrialized and technologically based societies. Other forms of economic and development segregation will appear and disappear as well.

All of this creates a stirring pot that, not only desires global communication in the form of science and engineering writing that the average human being can comprehend, but needs it to keep the engine running at top performance.

Imagine when China has a 90% home internet connection rate.

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Imagine what has never been imagined before!!!

In terms of profitability and security…

The business potential for freelance science writing expert that enjoys copywriting services…

Make a difference with every word you ever write and create a global communication fad…

The Revolution Continues Next Time SO Subscribe.

By Richard Nelson

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4 thoughts on “Marketing Science Products with Freelance Science Writing: Global Communication

  1. A great blog post – not the first one that I have read on your website and have been impressed with. I hope you continue to write more as the information you provide has been very helpful to me and my partner.

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