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Freelance science writing example: Signs of living organisms

Scientists and here on freelance science writing, we also make a distinction between living organisms and inanimate objects, or non-living things. This is accomplished by setting all objects up against a set of seven rules that all living organisms must follow. If the object fails even one rule, it fails to be a living organism and … Continue reading

Freelance Science Writing to Save the World

As promised we will reveal all. Thanks for keeping up and if you haven’t been, the other parts are close by. If your navigational journey becomes disbarred or mundane let us know, as we treat all readers as clients. Just some simple friendly advice for fellow freelance science writing advocates, which completely contradicts the money-making … Continue reading

Freelance Science Writing and Marketing Science Products Part 3

Breaking Mirrors and Blowing Smoke  There are three common phrases that must be cut from every day use. There are no jobs for science writers. There are low earnings as a science professional. This is an illusion! Smokes and Mirrors- Disillusion of Institutionalization To better help the flow of this learning process, it’s best to start … Continue reading

Marketing Science Products with Freelance Science Writing: Global Communication

Freelance science writing comes in two major forms as discussed last time. Intercommunication and global communication, both are useful, but one is more important. Can you guess which one? Which one leads to marketing science products? Intercommunication– Foundations for further development of the current natural science and engineering writing model. Sounds really important, but only … Continue reading

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