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Freelance Science Writing

What is freelance science writing?

Traditional freelance science writing.

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Since, successful writing earns money, many truly famous freelance science writers are lost in history. Einstein was a freelance science writer and Steven Hawking is as well.

If you can guess which one made more money from freelance science writing than you’ve come to the right spot.

You probably have questions and frustrations to get out so leave some comments.

Einstein Who?

That’s right the greatest scientist of all time was not successful at freelance science writing but don’t worry because the worst scientists have been and you can too.

So how did I get here ready to be the best freelance science writer in history? Before the cat gets let out of Schrödinger‘s box, I have to prove that you can do this too.

We’ll say an average freelance science writing project is 2000 words, 4 pictures and 5 references. With these techniques for freelance science writing, I propose a challenge to break 6 figures in 25 projects. Traditional techniques can be slow and unprofitable. Imagine creating congestive heart disease materials that produce royalties and publicity.

Proper Freelance Science Writing

I have over a decade of experience providing publishing, marketing, ghost and copy for scientists and engineers using communications and technology to get results clients need. Freelance science writing needs superheroes. Online learning has exploded and the tough niche of correct, easy to understand, online science copy, has been left bare of businesses. Freelancing for money is my ready way to save the day. New affiliates, blogs, video channels, fanpages, tweets, clients, ebooks and more, so keep up with the pace.

By Richard Nelson

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Freelance science writing all day and night. I'm an expert at writing, marketing, and publishing. Providing writing services nearly everyday, SEO rich articles about science and tech are my specialties. I also love to make money so I'm for hire as an independent communications expert and business consultant with specializations in project management, writing, science, and engineering. With a vast network of professionals in various fields backed by two degrees, 180 credits hours, 6 graduate courses and several awards and recommendations along the way, who could go wrong?


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  1. Duke U’s Guide on science writing.

    Posted by Richard Nelson | May 13, 2012, 2:53 pm
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